He had snapped like a twig under the weight of a truck, so I decided to fight fire with fire, his other insanity being Matthews need for absolute cleanliness, so by flooding the pipes that were directed towards his deposit spot with excrement and whatever waste lay in them, he swiftly ran out. He was quickly transported to the Facility for readjustment and then never heard from again, his record was also cleaned from the computers, they always were, when asked why this was it was explained that after readjustment the patients needed a clean slate. In the unlikely case of a cadaver, Lauren could hack into the bodies neural networks to the extent that the dead could rigidly move to place their hands to the unlocking mechanism, a subject that brought cold creeps down my back, which were post haste picked up by Lauren causing the situation to be rather unwanted. It was believed or taught in the Academy Lauren could only hack a corpse for no more than 2 minutes, yet sightings of the moving dead as they called them were numerous, these where supposedly mass delirium caused by low oxygen supply from the rustic air filtration system, the investigator on the case had claimed and that had been the last of the inquiries on the topic. One drug always arose to my mind, Red Sand named for its almost complementary appearance to the sand outside, this drug was highly potent and occasionally caused ”visions” of the past, and the more undesirable shedding of skin Necrotising Fasciitis, that the order of priests formed around it held as a sign of valiantness. There were rumors that they were injecting people without their consent, supposedly a hit of the drug warped ones mind so deeply that Lauren’s connection was severed and returning to the status quo was near impossible, once you had taken the leap into the void itwas only downhill hill from there.

The Red Skins or priests of the Red Sand order usually prayed next to the opening, a bulky

see through gate, where many a body lay in different positions, humans turned into statues over a long period, these ”statues” were caused by the great escape that occurred 50 years before, a group of radicals had believed it was all make belief and flocked to the gate, equipped with suits and rations to last a week or so. They had travelled towards nothingness, and for days nobody returned, many believed or at least hoped a haven had been discovered, but on the 4th day, a few returned. 20 percent rugged and red, they beat the wall with their hands and reddish rocks with sharp edges trying to return but the contamination risk was too high. One by one dying a silent death outside, the last act of the last man was to cut his hand and smear the word ’Nothing’  on the glass and take his helmet off and he screamed a silent scream that was mute inside, the first human voice the outside world had heard in 200 years, screaming in agony, in regret for leading the group, in the cruelty of the world.

’ Let’s go shake these bastards up Lauren, I haven’t had my coffee and these bullshit chants always get to me in the morning’

’ I think that would cause unwanted attention Sam, the time is 7:58 the name will come up in a few minutes’

There were many names for what was about to occur, most commonly it was know as the Lottery, a name of some unlucky sod would grace the plastic that covered our corneas, death would be inevitable, he would be clueless of his passing unless some person, usually a spouse or a worried mother told him, if so it was bon voyage to the most northern and deepest part of our Section, the Facility. Technology had peaked before the droughts to such levels that it could predict to the day when death would occur, however not prevent it, rumor was it was almost achieved but then the North pole plunged in to a death whirl and not long after that chaos roamed the streets and the inevitable war happened, a chapter in the academy covered it named Heaven Centimeters Away.

The sun’s energy that was assumed to bring a greener future ended up scorching the earth blood red and now it lay like a burnt victim lifeless in space.

8:00 Am

Every individuals corneas glared bright blue, TIME: 8:00 Am, NAME: John Matthews, AGE: 28 CAUSE OF DEATH: Unknown at present time. TIME FOR OUR BROTHER TO JOIN THE DIRT.

’ John?’ I let out coarse croak.

My heart was beating and sweat pushed aggressively through my pores leaving puddles on my brow, I felt a tingling sensation in my fingers and a fear grip me making me unable to move like a case of being half awake, I wanted to scream but nothing audible came out .

’ Sam, calm down’ Lauren spoke slowly and with a calm tone.

’ it’s a part of life, go be with him, he needs you even though he does not know it’ she spoke.

’What the fuck do you know about it, you are a piece of fucking wiring, you are never gonna even worry about death or do you even comprehend what it is’

I shouted clenching my teeth down with force, a tinge of copper in my mouth, one of my gums had begun to bleed.

’ Do you… Sam? Now… Calm down’ she spoke in practiced monotone, I mean programmed.

A rugged older man, clothed in toggery, walked past and our eyes locked for a moment, he gave off a grim expression of understanding, he had seen it once, when he had experienced his friends name in lifeless bold letters on the monitor. I noticed my right hand was gripping my gun, locked on the right side of my pants, I let go.

The fear was abiding slowly, the first wave of dread had washed over, and I knew I had to prepare for the inevitable aftershocks hopeful they would lessen in size.