It stared at me, death. Warped into a form of terrifying grandeur from my leather jacket laying down on a wooden chair a few meters away from where I slept. I felt no fear as it hovered there  staring at me, I couldn’t make out it’s eyes but I felt them on me as it hoarsely gave out slow breaths floating up and down as it did so, this lasted for a lucid minute or two. Then an immense amount of dread flooded my being as it swallowed me whole, realizing this happened after I awoke, it was as if a vision was being poured like iced water into the epicenter of my brain. I saw what I believed was hell, not as it is written in the bible but as this world immensely dark, I was alone and I knew it, in a maze of everything I once loved had turned into dark shades of an even darker black, that slowly seeped like thick marmalade into the vast emptiness, below me, I fell in and then awoke in bed, in the dark.

I only remember bits and pieces.

The Boat:

We arrived at an old bridge, with a party of maybe ten, it was midday yet we all were somewhat intoxicated. I knew only my mother and her ex-husband from the crowd, they were both enjoying their shenanigans . The sun was bright, the air glided past the fresh green leaves I could only make out trees with white trunks, most likely birches, a boat was approaching. It had the only large brownish maple tree growing out of the aft of the ship, as the shape was somewhat cartoonish where the funnel was stuck in the middle, a steamboat it was moving at pace to collide with the bridge where we lollygagged for lack of a better word, as my mother and her party were throwing party crackers while holding onto golden glistening bottles, that dripped in the heat. I was somehow able to hail the oncoming boat and have a conversation as if we were face to face and plead with him that he wouldn’t make it, he just smiled this oblivious grin and said ” don’t worry son, it breaks at the middle every summer about this time”, he had a face that exhaled warmth, a stubble I think.

I shouted at the party and they ignored me while they were hugging and chugging from bottles that seemed to appear from the blue, the tree smacked the bridge straight down the middle  and it screamed, a human like scream of relief, as it broke in half, projecting pieces of wood in every direction. I scrambled to the floor distraught yet, the group just danced through the destruction that ensued. They never looked my way they were in a trance of self indulgence, full faced grins, they moved to music that I couldn’t hear.light_in_dark7