Click, Click, Click.

Zaltasar had spoken to Trevor69 of a plump, young and fair bar maiden that had a quest for him to solve for fame and her innocent heart. Click, Click, Click. He had hit the lowest point of his life hard, bones crunching, instant death hard, he had been slaying dragons, booze and loose women trying to avenge and forget his loving wife Esther who had ventured out one night and met her doom in the most gruesome of ways, ripped and murdered by mountain trolls in a frenzy of blood, drums and laughter. Click, Click, Click. He stood somewhat unsure for the first time in his life outside the bar, with a hay roof that resembled a bad haircut, a rotten door and a tired rusted handle that seemed to await its impending doom nodding slightly forward almost as if saying just do it you filthy drunk i’ve lived a full life, can you say the same.

Trevor69 spoke with an air of pride as was his habit

”I only need to open this said door and feast my eyes upon her and she will be mine because I am Trevor69 the slayer of beasts”

A man with a leather coat stared upon him from the side, lighting a cigarette with a black top hat that was tipped to the side so that it seemed to defy the laws of gravity, he gave a toothless grin and spoke

”The time will soon be where you must venture out son from this egg you have put yourself in, I’m sure you’ve heard the sound of the click, what about the fluids that drip, the chickens have come home to roost so to speak, I hope when you discover it, you will be man enough not to quit”

He gave out a bellow of laughter.

Click, Click, Click. 

Trevor69 finally heard the sound, he had heard it before he was sure but now it was unmistakable, clear as day, the sound of the click made his ears uncomfortable, the sound did not belong.

”What is that sound that bothers me, have you put a curse on me you old git, I will slash you with my weapon and dance on your corpse, word to Orpheus”

The man was gone, Trevor69 thought he and his immense size had scared the twig, blown away by the wind of men who ran from danger. He had no time for such characters.

He reached upon the door, but his hand was stuck as if chained to the air itself. Click, Click, Click. 

” Stop I command you” he said brow tightening in agitation.

…… Click, Click, Click. Click, Click, Click. ”batteries” . Batteries, the word brought comfort to him as if it was the answer to his problem, the probability it was an incantation he’d forgotten was high, he had learned many a spell at The Tower Few Men Venture but he had, had many a drink after that too. Click, Click, Click. Click, Click, Click. 

My hand, yes, I must concentrate on it, to break the spell that has been cast!”

He screamed in the darkness, a drizzle had begun and he could hear the gentle roar of thunder somewhere in the distance.

He turned his head with all the strength he could muster to get a glimpse of his hand the the same direction the click sound burrowed in his ear from, but at that moment the world transferred, melted and shaped into a new form, he was now in the middle of a white dim room, bare walls, only a low hum surrounded him, the floor was grey, perhaps a rug lay there, staring at the hand at his left but it was not a hand he recognized Click, Click, Click, it lay a top a glowing pad, made of only bone and skin and it’s index finger hauntingly tapped the pad Click, Click, Click, a plastic pipe was lodged somewhere deep in the mans throat his mouth agape as the pipe vibrated, a gurgling sound came and saliva dripped down the side of his mouth, some brownish sludge slowly crept forward in the pipe, he felt nauseous and unable to catch his breath, wheezing like the last days of an elderly smoker. Panicked he glanced the room for a way to escape the hell dimension he was unfairly put in . In a feeble attempt Trevor69 turned his head the opposite way and the room again melted and begun taking shape of the city of Eldor, he was again standing outside the bar where the fair maiden awaited a hero, he hummed some words

”I need a hero, something, something, morning sun”

and stopped for a moment wondering where the words had come.

”I am as you know Trevor69”

He spouted practicing his charm outside the lodge, winking at the reflection on his sword, a grin grew wide on his face.

… sixty nine, the number, it was hilarious, some joke he had forgotten perhaps, suddenly his mouth froze and he was overcome with a sensation of drowning, pain swelled unrelenting in his lungs and felt as if he had inhaled strips of sandpaper and now they lovingly rubbed his lungs scraping them thinner slit by slit.

Click, Click, Click. 

He was encumbered by a volley of unrelenting questions that had finally revealed themselves from some dark place of hiding, What is my last name, who were my parents, where was I born…. Where are you now, where are you now, where are you now. Eldor he thought but his gut told him otherwise.

He grasped something in front of him with his right hand, yet he had not moved an inch, he was sure because he felt it.  Click, Click, Click the haunting sound returned, turning towards his hand again the scene reverted to the dim lit white room, his right hand had grasped upon the tube and ripped it out to the point it was above him, the sludge luke warm dripping on his face, Drip, Drip, Drip. It took him a moment to control the foreign body he now possessed and he threw the long plastic pipe to the ground, the top covered in stripes of darkish blood, he coughed and some splattered on his naked body, the body started to spasm, nausea overcame him, the lights in the room dimmed, a red light begun to shine from the far right corner, an orb on the wall the hum of it grew loud, the room was now pitch black, the hum continued and then emptiness in the middle a picture of three people a family perhaps and then nothing.