He awoke stuck in the unfamiliar body, he etched a insignia to conjure a spell of safety, failing as his fingers were still twitching the double tap in equal intervals. His legs were tied to a metallic contraption by transparent plastic straps, he tried to pull them free in a fit of primal panic that caused his heart to beat in a frency as if it wanted escape, his breath brought a familiar wheezing with it, he had heard it in Falmor when the plague had struck and brought death to countless men, women and children, it even reeked similar and he knew his body was where the stench originated from.

” Perhaps pulling the straps would be…be….be a better tactic, than your monkey business, you’ve hurt your legs i’m sure, Sir”

The voice was elegant yet it came with a rasp sound like rocks scratching the bottom of a raging river. Trevor begun to turn his head while fear with it’s long narrow fingers crept upon his neck. The reddish orb floated above him now shimmering brightly in the otherwise muted light, the hum took a menacing form.

” It’s as if you’ve seen a ghost sir, I believe the septic tank has malfunctioned, it has left you shimmering in your own juices, whoever installed the chip for me to smell this rancid stench must have been a jester of sorts, for robots there is no devil but only a god that is drunk”
Then a sound of spitting emitted from the orb and it flickered as if a candle caught in a sudden draft. Trevor  shrieked and a expression of embarrassment  hung heavily on his face.

”So this is where the mighty warrior Trevor69 dies in the stench of shit by a flying orb in a dark room, perhaps this is hell, was I not faithful to you oh Orpheus”

The orb for a moment hummed louder, while floating about the empty room, Trevor stared at a pile of crumpled clothes swallowed by layers of dust as the light for a moment turned them red and then reverted them to darkness again. A ”photo”  hung lonesome on the wall in it three dark figures, their faces twisted as the light struck them from different angles as if tormented spirits, unease was weighting upon him. Then as some finale to his floating the orb swung towards trevor much alike a buyoant object that strikes water and rises to the top again.

” 13 years, 3 months and 20 d..d.ddayys, oh my…. , this.. well, improbable, almost impossible yes, this, is okay, Trevor where were you born?”