President, Donald Trump met with leaders of historically black colleges and universities on Monday, however actual news coverage of the meeting was scarce as Kellyanne Conway stole the spotlight.

“ She had a mild stroke on the way to the oval office, the first signs were noticed as she begun to fidget in her seat trying to find a position upsettingly uncomfortable for women her age the knees you see and then begun to spout a barrage of nonsense, one in example stood out: Daddy trump is taking me to a Japanese Bistro” – Dr.William Burroughs

When asked why they had brought a clearly sick woman to such a significant meeting Trump stated “ Have you seen the news, the headlines would have been Huge, liberal tears, riots, Trump late to oval office, a racist, I couldn’t have that, they made an article about me putting ketchup on steak  and people ate it up, so it was easier to fire a 15 year old” Donald turned to the mirror and did his you are fired pose. Clearly an egotistical, maniac with a sprinkle of bigot, his smile mirrored the one given by Christian Bale in the movie American Psycho.

A few participators were asked to give their thoughts on the meeting “ Well I just watched Get Out in the movie theatres and when watching it first I thought, that is a pretty dark yet humorous depiction on the fear that many in society now are burdened with, however now i’m just sort of freaked out, maybe I should move”. Trump terrorising another hard working American man, when will it end.

“ She kept asking me for more wasabi and that if I didn’t get it for her she would get daddy trump on my back, what the actual hell is going on with these white people” Confusion like this rampant in the oval office, it makes you wonder how he will control our country.

“ She kept shouting group photo! while smearing the oval offices couch with her shoes, if my grandma was there she would have smacked her silly white ass” Rough love, perhaps sometimes the only way.

Conway has not yet responded herself, so we can all hope her condition stays the same, perhaps school for the second time will teach her a thing or two.

This has been Fake Forgettable News with your host Connor Macleod, there can only be one!

Photo by: Brendan Smialowski / AFP – Getty Images